The Difference Between «Therapeutic» Dance and Dance Movement Therapy

by | Ago 10, 2017 | DMT | 0 comments

A menudo las personas me preguntan qué diferencia hay entre DMT y danzar o bailar, e incluso en el contexto académico, bastantes investigaciones mezclan las dos disciplinas. Por eso me gustaría compartir con vosotr@s este vídeo de Susan D. Imus, que me parece muy aclaratorio. ¡Espero que os guste!

«Currently, the word ‘therapy’ is used to refer to anything that makes us ‘feel better.’… But feeling better from dance is not the same thing as dance/movement therapy. How can we differentiate dancers who utilize the innate therapeutic power of dance and dance/movement therapy?» ~ Susan D. Imus»