Dance Movement Therapy

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Welcome to the “Movimiento Sentido” sessions

Why Movimiento Sentido?

Because our starting point is the intrinsic relationship between MOVEMENT (movimiento) and the FEELING (sentido) that goes with it. Movement generates change,  both physical and psychological. 

Often, when we move, play sports, go for a walk or dance, we feel a sense of psychophysical well-being that can be difficult to put into words. When we move it can seem as though something is happening inside us, and we feel an increased sense of well-being. 

This is something that goes beyond a physiological, hormonal response (the famous endorphins or happiness hormones), it is also a psychological emotional response. 

Through MOVEMENT that is free, spontaneous, creative, expressive, authentic and, above all, FELT DEEP WITHIN (SENTIDO), we can connect to and express our emotional world. Our Movimiento Sentido group sessions provide a safe context in which this can happen. 


What happens in the Movimiento Sentido sessions?

The Movimiento Sentido sessions are based on Dance Movevement Therapy, a body-based psychotherapy.

These sessions are conducted in small groups and have a duration of two hours. In the session we use music, materials, objects, and of course, spontaneous movement to enable our creative exploration and connection with ourselves through our movement and the movement of the group.

Unlike dancing on your own, at home, in a disco or with some friends, something we might do because we enjoy it and it helps us to disconnect from the stress of everyday life, in the Movimiento Sentido sessions we move to regain the connection with ourselves and with our environment.

During the sessions we promote full awareness (like in Mindfulness) but paying special attention to our body and our inner voice in order to facilitate body-mind integration.


What would a typical Movimiento Sentido session be like?

Although each session varies depending on the needs of the group, the structure is usually something like the following:


A verbal “touching base” with the group to get a sense of individual needs and where and how the group is.


More than a physical warm-up, it´s a psychophysical warm-up. It helps us to focus on the here and now, getting in touch with our body and in particular with those parts of the body that we don’t pay enough attention to in our day-to-day lives.


We go from the most functional movement to the more personal and deeply felt. In this stage we sometimes include materials that help us to explore and establish a connection to ourselves. 


A moment of experimentation and self-observation, of immersion in the process of movement. In any session there can be more than one of these moments.


Here we come together and put our kinesthetic experiences into words, so that they can be elaborated on.


In these sessions we seek body-mind integration, based on the idea that the body reflects the totality of the person.

What happens in the individual sessions?

These sessions are based on Dance Movement Therapy, they last an hour and can be either weekly or every two weeks. We set the time and frequency of the sessions at the initial interview based on your requirements.

Some people start with individual sessions and then move on to the group; others combine both, whereas others opt for just one format. Since each person is different, it is important that we see what you need and what moves you.


What would a typical session be like?

In broad terms, a session would usually begin with talking before going into a gentle warm-up. This helps us to focus on the here and now, getting in touch with our body and in particular with those parts of the body that we don´t pay enough attention to in our day-to-day lives.

We might also use words, gestures, or sounds to express how we feel, or sometimes we sit in silence and focus on internal listening. We might sit down, lie down or move around the room. We might move dynamically or we might be still. The idea is to listen, tune in and connect to your body.

During the session we might also use music, creative objects, natural materials, our own imagination, as well as writing, painting, relaxation, play, and of course movement. Endless possibilities to explore, express and strengthen the connection with our inner self.

Every movement is “perfect” in itself, that is, there is no “right way” to do it. In my clinical experience I have seen that what comes up during the sessions might be shaped by the life stage or the current situation in which the person finds themselves.

A final reflection will help to integrate what you have experienced before we close the session. 


I base the individual sessions around your needs.


If what you need is to talk and to be listened to, then individual psychotherapy sessions can be a good way to explore together what it is that you are going through.

Individual Psychotherapy sessions in person

During the initial interview we will assess your needs, I will explain my approach in more detail and answer any questions you might have. We will also agree on how frequently we want to meet, and the objectives.

I am a registered psychologist at the Official College of Psychologists of the Balearic Islands, registration number B-03065; and I am also a graduated member at the British Psychological Society – 518227.


What would a typical session be like?  

Although each session, patient and life history are very different and unique, I consider that the common ingredient for a successful treatment is to establish a therapeutic relationship based on respect, trust and confidentiality. Therefore I offer you a space where you can feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed, and where you feel able to talk about all the things that you want to talk about and that might arise during the session.  

I am not a psychologist that does tests on people.  What do I mean by that? During our sessions I will not ask you fill in any questionnaires or other diagnostic tools. Instead, I focus on the concrete material that you bring that day. We talk about what you want to talk about: there is no predefined dialog, just a conversation between two people. You don´t need to prepare anything in advance.  

Together we will explore your patterns of behaviour, repetitive situations in which you find yourself, any issues within your interpersonal relationships (with family, friends, partner, colleagues, etc.), your emotional world and, if you want, your dreams. 

My role is to accompany you, guide you and help you to get to know yourself better. Nobody comes to this world with a user´s guide. I will provide you with some resources and alternative ways of approaching things that will help you to gradually change your behaviour and your relationships in ways that enable you to feel happier in your self.

I base the individual sessions around your needs.


When it is not possible to meet in person, why not make the most of new technologies?


Individual Psychotherapy sessions online

Some of my patients live in a different location than me. Sometimes even in a different country. Others travel for work, or come and go due to different reasons. In order to meet their needs, I also now offer online sessions.

My experience to date has been that these sessions offer an effective way of providing support to my patients and meeting their therapeutic needs. There is also a growing body of literature that supports the idea that sessions conducted online can offer similar benefits to sessions that are conducted in person.

Indeed, online psychotherapy sessions are increasingly being used to provide opportunities to people who live is small or remote places, or in places where “everyone knows everyone”, to gain access to therapists located in other cities, countries and even continents, thereby guaranteeing anonymity.


What do you need for these sessions? 

All you need is a device (computer, smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.), with a reliable internet connection, and a quiet space from where you can connect. I guarantee the confidentiality of all we talk during the session. 

What would a typical session be like? 

If you want to know more about it, please go to the description of the in person individual psychotherapy sessions, as the methodology I use is the same as in the online sessions.  

I base the individual sessions around your needs.